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Earthrunclub is a Japanese marathon & outfitness event that started in 2010.
Earthrunclub is a fan running and jogging competition to nurture the health and friendship of runners who can participate by anyone.
This event is held more than 20 conventions each year. An annual 15000 runners are enjoying this event.
Earthrunclub is operated by an NPO Japan Outfitness Association.

Participation event

Individual ★ Awards are female’s whole and male’s whole , female’s age-group and  male’s age-group.
Pair ★ Two people start at the same time and simultaneously goal.
Kizuna Ekiden Relay ★ All registered runners connect one Tasuki and goal. One runner can run many times.

2017 Schedule Event
01/22 Jounanjima-Haneda(winter)-Marathon 5km,10km,harf,full
02/05 TokyoOoi-winter-Marathon 10km, harf,full
03/26 Tamagawa-sakura-Marathon 2km,5km,10km,20km,full
04/08 Sagamigawa-shibazakura-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km
04/23 TamagawaNature-60/80/100km 60km,80km,100km
05/03 Kashiwanoha-soukai-Marathon 2km,5km.,10km,harf,full
05/27 Kawasaki-Illumination-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km
05/28 Inake-Flower-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,harf
06/04 Jounanjima-Haneda(summer)-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,harf
07/01 Kumagaya-Hellsummer-Marathon 4.2km,10km,harf,full
07/15 Summer-Crosscountry-Chiba 1.5km,3km,5km,10km,20km
07/17 Crocoun-GrandPrix-SouthernYardsCC 1.5km,3km,5km,10km,15km
07/29 TokyoOoi-Summer-Marathon 4.2km,10km,harf
08/05 UenoPark-Earlymorning-Marathon 5km,10km
08/19 Odaiba-Summer-illumination- Marathon 5km,10km,harf
09/03 Crocoun-GrandPrix at Mt.Fuji 0.8km,1.5km,3km,5km,10km
09/16 Inage-Beatifulsunset-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,harf
09/30 Chichibu-kumonoue-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,harf
10/14 Tokorozawa-evening-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,20km
10/21 Chigasaki-southernbeach-Marathon 0.8km,5km,10km,harf
11/04 Tsurumigawa-kazenooto-Marathon 5km,10km,harf
11/12 Toride-tonegawa-Marathon 5km,10km,20km,full
12/03 Kumagaya-winter-Marathon 5km,10km,harf,full
12/17 Inage-Daiekiden 2.5km,5km,10km,harf,full

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