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Earthrunclub is a Japanese marathon & outfitness event that started in 2010.
Earthrunclub is a fan running and jogging competition to nurture the health and friendship of runners who can participate by anyone.
This event is held more than 20 conventions each year. An annual 15000 runners are enjoying this event.
Earthrunclub is operated by an NPO Japan Outfitness Association.

Participation event

Individual ★ Awards are female’s whole and male’s whole , female’s age-group and  male’s age-group.
Pair ★ Two people start at the same time and simultaneously goal.
Kizuna Ekiden Relay ★ All registered runners connect one Tasuki and goal. One runner can run many times.

2019 Schedule Event
01/27 Jounanjima-Haneda(winter)-Marathon 2.5km,5km,10km,harf,30km,full
03/10 Cross-Country in Chiba Syowanomori 3km,5km,10km, 20km,full
03/17 Tokyo-odaiba-Harukaze-Marathon 3km,5km,10km,20km,30km
04/07 Sagamigawa-shibazakuramatsuri-Marathon 3km,5km,10km,20km
04/21 Tamagawa-shinryoku-Marathon 3km,5km,10km,20km,30km,full
04/28 Tamgawa-Nature-100(50m/60km/80km/100km) 50km,60km,80km,100km
05/03 Kashiwanoha-soukai-Marathon 3km  5km  10km  harf(20km)  30km  full(42km)
05/12 Inake-flower-Marathon 2.5km  5km  10km  harf(20km)  3quarter(31km)  full(42km)
05/25 Kawasaki-Illumination-Marathon 2.5km 5km 10km 20km
06/10 Jounanjima-Haneda(summer)-Marathon 3km 5km 10km harf(21km) 30km full(42km)
06/29 Kumagaya-Hell-Summer-Marathon 3km 5km 10km harf(21km) 30km full(42km)
07/13 Summer-Crosscountry in Chiba 3km 5km 10km 20km
07/28 Tokyo-Midsummer-Marathon in Jounanjima 2.5km 5km 10km harf(21km)
08/18 Ueno-Earlymorning-Genki-Marathon 2.5km 5km 10km
09/07 Odaiba-Summer&Evening-Marathon 3km 5km 10km 20km 30km
09/22 Inage-Beautiful-Sunset-Marathon 2.5km 5km 10km 20km
10/13 Chigasaki-Southern-Beach-Marathon 2.5km  5km  10km  20km
11/03 Tsurumigawa-kazenooto-Marathon 3km 5km 10km Harf(21km)  3quater(31km) Full(42km)
11/17 Toride-tonegawa-Marathon 1.5m 3km 5km 10km 20km 30km Full(42km)
12/15 Chiba-Showanomori-Marathon 2.5km 5km 10km harf(21km) 3quarter(31km) full(42km)
2020 Schedule Event

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Privacy Statement

NPO Japan Outfitness Association recognizes that all personal information (personally identifiable information including name, address and telephone number, etc.) provided by you through collecting participants of EarthRunClub and other events and through their mail-order business must be protected with the utmost care. Therefore, NPO Japan Outfitness Association will establish and follow the privacy policy below in order to collect, use, and manage personal information appropriately.

  1. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will stipulate provisions concerning the protection of personal information, and appoint a personal information manager for carrying out the appropriate management. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will ensure compliance by the directors and staffs.
  2. In the collection of personal information, NPO Japan Outfitness Association will state the purposes of use, and use those properly within that scope.
  3. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will not provide to a third party the personal information except for the following cases: When person’s approval is granted beforehand; When the disclosure is required by applicable laws; When there is good reason to achieve the purposes of use by necessary corporations such as a survey company and an insurance company in the management of events.
  4. When NPO Japan Outfitness Association outsources the management of personal information to third parties, the Association and those third parties will exchange a contract to handle the personal information in accordance with the provisions and this privacy policy.
  5. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will store and manage personal information appropriately and carefully.
  6. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will implement appropriate measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, divulgence, etc. of or unauthorized access to personal information.
  7. With respect to personal information collected by NPO Japan Outfitness Association, if a individual wants to confirm or request correction or deletion thereof, the Association will respond to such request as expeditiously as reasonably possible except for the provisions by laws, after confirming the identity of the individual.
  8. NPO Japan Outfitness Association will strive continuously to review and improve the mesures for protection of personal information.

Please contact the following information center/EarthRunClub for inquiries regarding this page.
105, 1-5-57 Shishigaya, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa prefecture, 230-0073, Japan info@outfitness.jp
NPO Japan Outfitness Association


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Statement based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Company Name NPO Japan Outfitness Association
Representative Akihito Eguma
Service Name EarthRunClub
Address 104, 1-5-57 Shishigaya, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa prefecture, 230-0073, Japan
Telephone 045-642-7400 (10:00~18:00 on weekday)
E-mai info@outfitness.jp
URL https://earthrunclub.net/
Other expenses None
Cancellation Cancellations are not possible.
Payment methods By a credit card only
Payment deadline Pay participations fee on the day.

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